Snorkel, Scuba, Swim mask & Digital Camera/Video Combined.

311 Camera/Video Mask 5.0MP

Certified to 33 Feet



311 5mp - $149.99

Liquid Image Video Scuba Mask HD323 Wide Angle 5.0MP

hd322_wide_angle hd322_wide_angle_front

Keep your hands free as you dive with the Liquid Image Scuba Series HD 323 Camera Mask! This dive mask that has an integrated water resistant High Definition 720P digital video camera plus 5.0MP photographs. Operates to a depth of 130ft / 40m and eliminates the need to hand carry an underwater camera. Ideal for scuba diving and may also be used for snorkeling, snuba, spearfishing, and freediving. The Wide Angle lens more than doubles the current Scuba Series HD's field of view to capture all the action underwater in High Definition while snorkeling or scuba diving.

The Wide Angle Scuba Series HD is an integrated dive mask/camera that records HD 720P video (1280x720) at 30fps along with 5.0MP still images. The depth rating on this new model is 40m/130ft, which covers depths reached by certified recreational divers. The mask has a micro SD/SDHC card slot and comes with a 2GB micro SD card. The memory can expand up to 32GB, to record thousands of still images or approximately 16 hrs of video. The camera operates on 4 x AAA Batteries. Estimated Lithium battery performance is 2000 still images or 2hrs of video.

The mask features lever style buttons which are easy to press while wearing diving gloves. To record a photo or a video, simply turn on the camera, choose the mode, then press the shutter button. LED lights inside the mask indicate the mode to the user. The buttons are positioned along the upper right corner of the frame and area easy to access. The goggle lenses are made of tempered glass and have integrated crosshairs that help you to line up shots.

The new wide angle will solve the issue of not completely framing the subject which some first time Camera Mask users have experienced with the original 54 degree lens. The wider angle POV camera will capture a larger field of view and therefore allow the user to think even less about operating the camera while snorkeling or scuba diving.

Downloading images is as easy as plugging in the mask to your PCs or Macs USB port (RCA/USB cable provided) and pressing the power button. TV playback is also possbile through the RCA/USB cable. The included optional software (PC only) allows you to edit your content. A microSD/SDHC card slot allows you to add memory up to 16GB currently and expected to accomodate up to 32GB (when available) for additional pictures or videos.


Technical Features:
Video - HD 720P, 30fps
Internal Memory - 64MB
Capacity - Micro SD/SDHC up to 32GB
Certified to 135ft
Attachment for lights
Audio Recording
Transparent Black Silicon Skirt
Lever Buttons
2 Size Silicon Skirts - Large and Mid Size
Technical Specifications:
Image Sensor 1/2.5" 5.0 Mega Pixels CMOS sensor
Pixels Still Image: 5.0MP
Image Resolution Still Images: 2560 x 1920
Video: 1280 x 720, HD 720P
Digital Video Recording Rate? Up to 30fps @720P
Internal NAND flash Memory 64MB
Storage Medium Micro SD/SDHC (up to 32GB)
Lens 2G2P fix lens
Lens Aperture F/2.8 f=8.5mm
Lens Focus 0.5m to infinity
Shutter Speed Stills: 1/4 to 1/1000 seconds
Sensitivity Auto: ISO 100-200
White Balance Automatic
Audio Integrated microphone, no speaker
Display Status LCD Panel
Storage Capacity with 32GB card Still 36800 images (2560x1920) *
Storage Capacity with 32GB card Video 960 mins *
Data Format Picture: JPEG, Video: H.264 with Audio
Support System Windows 2000/XP/Vista and Mac 10.4 or above
No Software required to download files
Interface USB 2.0 High Speed
Optional Editing Software TBD
Power Supply 4xAAA Batteries
Battery Performance Lithium Batteries - Stills 2000, Videos 2hrs **
Alkaline Batteries - Stills 500, Videos 16 mins **
Weight 360g (with batteries, micro SD card)
Dimensions 8.9cm x 18.7cm x 13.3cmH
Standard Accessories USB Cable, Optional Editing Software CD,
Manual, Silicon Tube, and Lithium Batteries
Optional Accessories 1W Head & Side Lights, MP4 Viewer
* Estimated Minimum Data Storage Capacity ** Estimated Minimum Battery Performance

323 (Large) 5mp - $349.99

4.7 Watt LED Side Torch or 5.5 Watt Wide Angle Side Torch


The 4.7/5.5W Waterproof Torch has a wide angle beam which is a preferred light for video as there are no hot spots created by the use of spot light torches. Wherever you are looking, the area in front of you will be lit up by the smooth bright beam. You can attach two lights to the Camera Mask and have full light coverage. The bracket can be rotated inward and outward to focus the beam on closer objects or create contrast and light illumination on an object. The light bracket is easy to attach to the Camera Mask with a single screw. The 4.7/5.5W Dive Side Light is depth certified to 120m (400ft) and has a burn rate of 600 minutes. The Light output is 130 lumens and has one setting - High. Included: 2 x CR123 Batteries, 1 Light, 1 Bracket, and an User Manual.

Liquid Image Camera Mask Torch - 4.7w at $69.00 or the 5.5w at $89.99 per side.

4.7w or 5.5w Torch(s)