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The historically rare and unusual artifacts that HRD, Inc. discovers, up to 20% of our annual finds, are donated to the people of the State of Florida. At the state conservation laboratory in Tallahassee, experts ensure that proper stabilization, preservation and display of these treasures take place. Thanks to their commercial shipwreck recovery program, Florida has the world's greatest collection of Spanish Colonial shipwreck artifacts. With artifacts awarded to HRD, Inc. from the State of Florida and through Mr. Michon's workings, presence and professional acquaintance's in the field for nearly the past two decades, a varied collection of interesting, educational and historical artifacts can come to your audience.



Over the years, through trial and error and with information provided by professionals in the field of shipwreck preservation, we have become quite adept at restoring corroded artifacts recovered from the sea to museum quality condition. In Mr. Michon's presentation series, he talks about the research behind the scenes, some of the equipment used in the recovery of these artifacts, what it takes to recover an artifact, their conservation and their meaning in their time as well as in today's world.




The information gathered from the artifacts, and the stories that they tell us, are made available to the public through a presentation program developed by Mr. Michon. The program was inspired by the fascination of his own two children and his personal drive to share with others the objects and their stories that he was recovering from the sea. They were enthralled with stories of the Spanish treasure fleets, of 18th century shipboard life, of the pirates that preyed upon the galleons along the Florida coast. These are fascinating aspects of our maritime heritage that often are not covered in school curriculums. The presentation was first introduced at the school in which his children attended, but Mr. Michon expanded the program to include historical societies, civic groups, scuba diving clubs, metal detecting and coin clubs. Through Mr. Michon's enthusiasm for history, his strong points of continuing education, first hand experience's and stories, as well a power point presentation designed to your needs, Mr. Michon keeps everyone always asking for more. The "hands on" approach with many of the artifacts, really brings history alive and home to all in the room.

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Mr. Michon is currently based in southeastern Michigan and is available for presentations in southern Michigan and northern Ohio.
He is also working out the formalities to bring his personal collection and knowledge across the border, to the great citizens of Windsor, Ontario, Sarnia and the surrounding areas.
For more details and to discuss the type of program you would like for your organization or school, please email Mr. Michon through the below link.




Mr. Michon's exhibit at the Port Huron Michigan, Historical Museum, Aug. 15 - Nov. 2, 2008