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Jim Whitaker on the deck of the Virgalona, magging the E-110 Site.

Jim Whitaker
, (blue shirt, back to camera) on a deep water, remote sensing job.

Some of Jim Whitaker's Recent Undertakings have included:

Participated with the Historical Society, at the US Navy's request, in locating a highly sensitive historical deep water target.

Worked as a navigator on the 74 foot "Ursula Major" for a 1200 mile ocean voyage from Miami to Connecticut and return.

Actively participated in both shallow and deep water search and recovery projects including:
1) NASA shuttle recovery
2) South African Airline Flight 295 recovery
3) Search for the gold steamship Central America , off the Carolina coast

Executed a magnetometer survey for an archaeological expedition on the Bahamas Banks for Seaview, Los Angeles, California.

Planned, set up and operated search equipment for a treasure ship at FSW 1500 in Dry Tortugas for a Tampa, Florida group

Helicopter location in Sea of Japan at FSW 3500

Sonar search for a copper laden shipwreck off Long Island, NY. at FSW 750

Classified Navy search off Kauai, Hawaii.

Participated in search and location of WW II treasure ship off the coast of Oman, FSW 600

Searched, located and recovered the wreckage and bodies from a Cessna 421 airplane off the Florida coast.

Classified Navy search off the coasts of South Carolina, Florida and the Bahamas in FSW 4000

Magnetometer survey of Spanish wreck off the coast of Ecuador

Consultant for a group doing a magnetometer survey off of Cuba

Planned and operated magnetometer search and survey for a treasure ship off the Philippines coast, FSW 200.

Relocated and continued sonar search for Atlantis evidence or more Bimini stones.

Magnetometer survey of a near shore site of the 1715 Spanish Plate Fleet off the Florida east coast.

Consultant for search and excavation of 400 year old timber on bottom of Lake Superior.

Continued proofing, locating magnetometer targets of shipwrecks off Buefort, North Carolina.
One target is identified as the "Queen Anne's Revenge", the lost flagship of the pirate Blackbeard.

<FSW = feet standing water>