DPV - Underwater Scooters


HRD, Inc. is proud to offer a variety of DPV's (Diver Propulsion Vehicles) to fit your needs.

Do you need to cover more underwater area? Do you want to get more out of your snorkeling experience? Do you need to get to your favorite dive site faster? Do you want to conserve your air by not having to kick/swim as much? If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, a DPV is for you.

X-Treme Scooters

Torpedo DPV

Seadoo Seascooters

Don't forget, add our HANDS FREE Underwater Camera Mask with Video and easily record your underwater scooter adventure.

A Thousand Waves To Have Fun

HRD, Inc. has partnered with X-Treme Scooters to feature a great new underwater scooter.

Make sure you check out and compare their diving scooter today...
(super low intro price....THANK YOU X-Treme)


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HRD, Inc. has partnered up with TORPEDO DPV and is proud to offer this great line of AMERICAN MADE diver propulsion vehicle's.


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The revolutionary SEA-DOO SEASCOOTER Series features the lightest and most efficient personal water propellers in the world, at a price that won't break the bank. Perfect for swimmers, snorkeler's, scuba divers and professional divers, an UNDWERWATER SEASCOOTER guarantees hours of fun in the pool, lake and the ocean!

Are you any one, or more, of the above? Want to cover more water, both above and below, want to see more of your favorite wreck site, get out on a beach dive faster, search the bottom of your favorite swimming hole for lost coins/wallets and jewelry faster, learn how to swim in the privacy of your own swimming pool or your local lake? If you can answer YES to any one of these questions, or can see the any number of ways of how a UNDERWATER SCOOTER will help benefit your water experience, then you need to continue on.

We have seen many, many different types of people using these underwater scooters, and just LOVING IT. Ever think that just because you don't have the strength in your legs you once had, that your time in, or even under the water, has become nothing more than watching from the beach, or worse, you don't even go. Get back into the water and let your new UNDERWATER SCOOTER pull you along.

Simply click on the pictures below and learn about your new SEA-DOO SCOOTER today

explorer_scooter gti_scooter vs_supercharged_scooter seascooter_pro
aquaranger_scooter ddolphin_scooter aquanaut_scooter


ALL scooters/dpv's come with their respective manufacturers warranty.
All paperwork, warrenty cards and details are shipped with each order directly from the manufacturer.