Torpedo DPV Accessories


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Positive Buoyancy

The positive buoyancy accessory allow snorkelers to make their Torpedo positive in the water.

$44.95 - $95.95

Email for more info.

Twin Torpedo Connecting Kit

By connecting two Torpedo DPVs you create the fastest DPV on the market for the price, with twin motor safety and two speeds.



Battery Tote Bag

A convenient way to carry your battery.



Camera Platform

Attach your camera to this platform to lighten your underwater load.



Padded Tote Bag


Carry and protect your Torpedo DPV with this padded tote bag.

2000/2500 - $79.95
3500 - $89.95

Padded tote bag sizes

Accessories Barnation is the only limitation for the uses of this bar for your small accessories.


Spare/Replacement Battery


Bring another battery with you, allowing you to spend twice as much time in the water .


*Due to weight, ships to continental U.S. only*

Battery Charger

Charge your spare battery while using one, always having a battery at the ready .


6Amp, 120VAC, 60Hz - $85.95

6Amp, 240VAC, 50/60Hz - $119.95

Battery charger